Height: 5"3  |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Brown  |  CAEA

production contracts 

THE WIZARD OF OZ      |   Aunt Em/ Glinda u.s.   |   1st National Tour/ Jeremy Sams

THE WIZARD OF OZ**   |   Aunt Em u.s./ Glinda u.s.   |   Mirvish Productions/ Jeremy Sams​

 select theatre 

ELEANOR (Workshop)   |   Eleanor   |   4th Line Theatre/ Kim Blackwell

AN EVENING WITH SIR TIM RICE   |   Featured Soloist   |   Seabourn Ovation/ Belinda King

CLASSICAL SAILAWAY  |   Featured Soloist   |   Seabourn Ovation/ Belinda King

HOLLYWOOD OVATION  |   Featured Soloist   |   Seabourn Ovation/ Belinda King

COUNTING STARS   |   Featured Soloist   |   Seabourn Ovation/ Belinda King


PUSH THE BUTTON  |   Featured Soloist   |   Seabourn Ovation/ Belinda King

21ST CENTURY SONGBOOK   |   Featured Soloist   |   Seabourn Ovation/ Belinda King

KINGS & QUEENS OF COUNTRY*   |   Ensemble   |   Drayton Entertainment/ Alex Mustakas

HOLLYWOOD HITS   |   Featured Soloist/ u.s.   |   Stage West Calgary/ Tim French

LEGENDS OF ROCK 'N' ROLL*   |   Ensemble   |   Stage West Calgary/ Liz Gilroy

FOR LIFE: A NEW MUSICAL COMEDY   |   Lizzie Bauer   |   Theatre Sudbury/ Caleb Marshall

THE LITTLE PRINCE (World Premiere)   |  Taygete   |   Theatre Calgary/ Dennis Garnhum

DREAM A LITTLE DREAM  |   Jill Gibson, Musician   |   The Grand Theatre/ Lezlie Wade

KARAOKE DREAMER   |   Alison   |   Bluewater Playhouse/ Robert More

JOSEPH ... AMAZING TECHNICOLOR |   Ens/ Country Sop u.s.   |   Stage West Calgary/ Max Reimer

ELVIS: FROM MEMPHIS TO VEGAS   |   Ensemble   |   Port Hope/ Uwe Meyer

JOHNNY & JUNE: A LOVE STORY   |  June Carter Cash   |   Lighthouse Festival Theatre/  Chris McHarge

JOSEPH ... AMAZING TECHNICOLOR  |   Country Sop/ Ens  |   Rainbow Stage/ Bill Robertson

RENT  |   Alexi Darling   |   Rainbow Stage/ Jeremy Kushnier

THE DREAM: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM   |  Hermia, Musician   |   Walmer Theatre/ B. Kennington

STAGE TO SCREEN  |   Featured Soloist   |   Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

CAN'T STOP THE ROCK   |  Featured Soloist   |   Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

TANGO BUENO AIRES |   Quartet/ u.s.   |   Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

DOUBLE TROUBLE   |   Featured Soloist   |   Highlands Summer Festival/ Scot Denton

PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN   |  Mayor's Wife   |   Theatre Aquarius/ GADZ/ Lou Zamprogna

THE WIZARD OF OZ  |   Dorothy Gale  |   Rainbow Stage/ Richard Hurst

GOOD NEWS |   Ensemble   |   Rainbow Stage/ Scot Drewitz

** Dora Mavor Moore Award Nomination for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble

* Dance Captain



ACTING  |  Kawa Ada |  Terry Tweed


VOICE   |   Sue Dunstan  |  David Andrews Rogers

DANCE  |   Kalie Hunter-Nero  |  Phil Nero


Christopher Award in Acting 

Gilbert & Society Trophy

 special skills 

Vocal Range: E3 - G6, Belt, Soprano, Whistle Tones, Piano - Level 6 Royal Conservatory of Music, Music Theory - Level 8 Royal Conservatory of Music, Rhythm Ukulele

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